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engineering-2b-civil asked: What do you recommend for housing while going to CPP? My friend and I are looking around for an apartment, but I'm not sure if it's convenient for us, since we're both doing engineering.


The only reason why an apartment wouldn’t be convenient for the two of you is if one of you needs a lot more space than the other. I have civil friends that spend all their time in the Fluor room in building 17. I’ve lived on campus all my years: two in the dorms, the rest in the village. Village apartments (imo) are not worth. I pay 790 for the space of a 400 worth room. My friend lives in a duplex by herself for the same price.  For transfers, dorms are out of the question so that leaves the village or suites. Village is the cheapest. The eaves is the closest regular apartment complex.

Personally, PM me. I know a couple people looking for housemates. Rent is around 500. ;)

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engineering-2b-civil asked: Hey there! So I just stumbled to your blog and I think it's funny! I am actually going to transfer to Pomona for the Fall of '14 and I noticed that you're an engineering major. Do you have any advice for new transfer students?


The problem that most of my transfer friends run into is the fact that they have all their GE’s done but have to wait around to get into the bulk of their core classes. Don’t wait around to learnt the information. If you qualify, you should apply for two-year pledge and/or honors college. Get involved with clubs and make friends. For Civil, I would suggest American Society of Civil Engineers as a start. 

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there is a special place in hell for whoever prices college textbooks 

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